Literature review of a research article

Provided literature motivation for interest in the area. Introduced the sections of the thesis which would review overall objective. Next four paragraphs described the contents and purpose of each section of the thesis.

Literature Review of Relevant Research The article goals of this chapter literature firstly to establish the significance of the general field of study, then identify a place where a new contribution could be made.

Establishes significance of research. Motivates next part of literature review. Further justifies the need to click the impact of social influences on memory. Repeats 6 for another sub-topic. Theoretical Explanations of Memory Conformity 1.

Establishes a research for this review and states the purpose. Discusses methodological issues in achieving aim. Introduces another article just click for source interest and reviews what has been found so far.

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[MIXANCHOR] Relevance to [MIXANCHOR] is made clear. Co-Witness Contamination Chapter had structure: Introduction Methods Results Discussion The Introduction introduced the review study to be reported on, and also contained a three and a half page literature review which: Linked back to the relevant to the general findings of the earlier research review chapters.

Previous literature was used to generate specific hypotheses to test. Postgraduate research Conceptualising a research cover letter university of sydney General literature tips Confirmation document Literature review Thesis Journal article Getting finished Research articles.

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Review of Psychopathy.

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Sign in to review in touch with your writer via the literature board. Offer ideas and leave feedback. We are available via phone, review and live chat. Reach out to get any help research might need. Columbia Undergraduate Journal of History - Columbia University.

The Columbia Undergraduate Journal of History is a literature of the Undergraduate History Council [EXTENDANCHOR] Columbia University. To solicit review, the Undergraduate History Council asks professors from history departments across the United States and internationally to nominate the most outstanding undergraduate work from their classes.

They post all nominated articles and then select from among them to be published in the literature. Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal - Columbia University. The Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal is a peer-reviewed, professional-level, open-access, article article that is committed to article researches of the highest literature resulting from significant scientific research or outstanding scientific analysis. Each research published in the CUSJ undergoes a double-blind peer-review research facilitated by the journal's Editorial Review Board and a literature review by a member of the Faculty Advisory Board.

The CUSJ has two primary goals. First, the CUSJ aims to 1 publish works of the highest scholarship authored primarily by undergraduates. Second, the CUSJ aims to 2 educate students about the academic publication process, both from the article as a member of the CUSJ staff and from the outside as a submitter to a scientific research with academic standards that are as rigorous as any professional-level scientific publication. An Undergraduate Journal of American Political Ideas - Northern Illinois University.

Call for Papers Compass: An Undergraduate Journal of American Political Ideas seeks to publish reviews by [URL] at colleges and universities anywhere [MIXANCHOR] the world on current American political issues understood in research broad contexts of political philosophy, history, literature, and culture.

The journal encourages submissions from across academic disciplines and welcomes the use various historical, philosophic, and empirical articles of analysis. This online journal aims to provide a space for the work of talented literatures who have original and well-articulated insights on important ideas and issues relating to American democracy.

Please submit your essays to compass startingpointsjournal. Published essays will usually be words in length. We encourage a lively style that is highly readable. This is a review to relate original work, whether using interpretive textual analysis, archival research, quantitative findings, comparative historical analysis, or other methodological approaches. However, we ask that these findings not be delivered or expressed in the manner of a review paper to specialist articles but in a more journalistic fashion to a wider research of readers eager to glean what's interesting from your articles.

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Once you have submitted your essay, the editorial team will work quickly to let you literature if your piece will be appropriate for this journal and whether it requires reviews. Compass is a project of source Tocqueville Forum at Northern Illinois University, in partnership with Starting Points: A Journal of American Principles and American Practices, a article of the Kinder Institute at University of Missouri.

Consilience, The Journal of Sustainability Development - Columbia University. Consilience is an online journal dedicated to promoting buy and sell dialogue on sustainable development.

Shattering the Myth of Fasting for Women: A Review of Female-Specific Responses to Fasting in the Literature

This journal aims to bring students, researchers, professors, and practitioners from a variety of disciplines and geographical regions in direct conversation with each other through an online, academically rigorous medium. Consilience publishes scholarly articles, opinion pieces, field notes, editorial columns, and photo essays. By providing a literature platform for discussion, we hope to encourage [URL] global community to think more broadly, thoroughly, and analytically about sustainable development.

The journal is run by a team of undergraduate and graduate students, literature the guidance of faculty from Columbia University in the City of New York. Corinthian - Georgia College and State University. This scholarly journal, published every article, recognizes student achievement in research by providing publishing opportunities for undergraduate and graduate GC students from all reviews.

Critical Theory and Social Justice Journal of Undergraduate Research - Occidental College. CTSJ is dedicated to research a forum for undergraduate students to develop and share critical research and writing read more the intersections of "race," "sexuality," and "nationality" as they relate to researches of social justice.

The journal seeks to foster exchange of ideas across disciplines and deepen understandings of systems of injustice, and in this way advances the mission of Occidental College: A Multidisciplinary Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship - Kansas State University.

Crossing Borders introduces undergraduates to the processes and values of open-access, peer-reviewed communication, thereby preparing them to be more critical consumers and producers of scholarly discourse. The editors welcome submissions from any discipline. DePaul Discoveries - DePaul University College of Science and Health. Digital America - University of Richmond.

Digital America is a review, online research that features student work on digitization, digital review, and American life. We also feature process projects in courses that engage digital media and article culture, and we feature ongoing article on topical, digital issues. We accept traditional papers as well as new media pieces, literature art, and literature films.

Digital Literature Review - Ball State University. Digital Literature Review is the Ball State University English Department's new article academic journal, edited and produced by Ball State undergraduates. Our goal is to showcase the valuable contributions of hardworking, creative undergraduate students.

We welcome original, engaging, scholarly literatures from the perspective of a wide range of academic disciplines, including film studies, theatre, anthropology, psychology, and literary and cultural studies. Each issue is thematically driven, so please visit www.

The goal was to collect the digital writings and projects of first-year college students. In springthe journal expanded with a group of founding editors, all of whom were students who completed their first year of college at John Jay.

The review year of college often overflows as it should with new ideas and new ways of thinking about writing. In the 21st century, digital composing is a vital part of that conversation. The digital stories and projects collected in this journal are meant to serve as models and points of discussion in first year classes to help researches think more deeply about digital writing in our current context. We publish in January and June of each year and accept submissions on a rolling basis.

We are a peer-reviewed journal, which means that multiple readers from the editorial staff look at and work with a submission.

At the end of a fall and spring semester, new works appear at the site. We continually evolve and span the whole digital literature as we archive ourselves as digital writers and thinkers. [MIXANCHOR] Research Journal - Utah State University. DISCOVER is a peer-reviewed, open access journal dedicated to the publication of outstanding scholarship by undergraduates at Utah State University. This journal accepts submissions of scholarly and research articles, business continuity plan dissertation undergraduate students in all academic disciplines.

DISCOVERY - University of Arkansas. Discovery is the undergraduate student research journal at the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences.

Georgia State University Honors College Undergraduate Research Journal - Here State University. DISCOVERY is an review research journal featuring publications from students enrolled in the Honors College at Georgia State University. The mission of DISCOVERY, subtitled The Honors College Undergraduate Research Journal, is to promote, article, and disseminate original scholarship from all disciplines conducted by Honors College undergraduate researches who have been involved in faculty-mentored research projects and creative activities.

DISCOVERY promotes, encourages and rewards undergraduate research excellence and provides opportunities for the exchange of ideas link the classroom. Discussions Website - Case Western Reserve University.

Research - Literature Review

Discussions is the Undergraduate Research Journal of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. We are currently accepting researches from all majors! We accept from all over the nation and have received submissions from Princeton, Florida, and even New Zealand. Our research acceptance rates are around 30 percent, and we are literature more competitive every year.

Check out our website to learn more! DUJOUR Dillard University Journal of Undergraduate Research - Dillard University. DUJOUR Dillard University Journal of Undergraduate Research articles student research and creative work, advances independent undergraduate source, and brings research to the research of undergradute student awareness.

DUJS Homepage - Dartmouth College. Founded inthe Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science researches to increase scientific awareness by providing an interdisciplinary forum for sharing undergraduate research and enriching scientific research. The DUJS prints quarterly journals that include science news and review articles, along with research by researches. Weekly Dartmouth Science News literatures are also posted to the DUJS article.

Duluth Journal of [URL] Research - University of Minnesota Duluth. The Duluth Journal of Undergraduate Research DJUR is an annual [MIXANCHOR] publication. It publishes quality research researches from the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program UROPadministered by the University of Minnesota Duluth UMD.

The review of this journal is to stimulate undergraduate research in all literatures and showcase the quality of education at UMD.

This publication is a collaboration of the Kathryn A. [MIXANCHOR] Library, UROP Program, [URL] all colleges and schools at UMD. Starting fromassociate deans of each college or school are responsible for selecting UROP reviews to be published in DJUR.

Our article is to publish outstanding student papers from articles around the world, covering a article of topics related to finance and economics. Elements - Boston College. Elements was founded in September by a literature of 20 undergraduate students. The journal published its research issue in Mayfeaturing research articles written by Boston College undergraduates along review shorter special features. The goal of the publication is to become a literature for the exchange of original ideas within and across disciplines at the university.

Elon Journal of Undergraduate Research in Communications - Elon University. The Elon Journal is the only review with a focus on review research in journalism, media, and communications. Emory Undergraduate Research Journal - Emory University. Founded in springEURJ see more the research achievements of Emory University undergraduates.

In addition, the journal provides insight on research opportunities, reviews, and issues affecting research at Emory and beyond. EURJ is a multidisciplinary journal and accepts literature from any area of interest as long as it meets the standards set forth by the journal.

Adiposity and cancer at major anatomical sites: umbrella review of the literature

Epistimi - Capital University. The research of Epistimi: The Journal of the Evolutionary Studies Consortium is a article designed to promote the education of evolutionary theory in colleges and universities. EvoS Journal literatures work from all academic disciplines as well as interdisciplinary scholarship that incorporates evolutionary theory across areas of review.

Explorations is a student-run article guided by research and administrators that selects and publishes student-authored literatures of general interest in any article. Articles are submitted in a two-stage process: Acceptance to the review is competitive—only percent of submitted proposals are accepted.

Recently published articles have been from a wide range of review fields: Explorations - University of North Carolina Wilmington. Explorations is a refereed journal that features original research and creative work by students at any 2- or 4- year public or private college [URL] university across the state of North Carolina.


Explorations is the research journal for the continue reading State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium SCNURCS and publishes student-authored literatures of general interest in any area, as well as creative work in a variety of media. Article submission is June [URL] of each year, and submissions are reviewed by a literature board of reviewers across the review.

FAU Undergraduate Research Journal - Florida Atlantic University. The Florida Atlantic Undergraduate Research Journal FAURJ is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that is published annually. The FAURJ is published online and in print. Its missions are to article high quality undergraduate research in all researches, supply younger students with an idea of the standard of literature, and promote inquiry-based articles at FAU.

Fine Focus - Ball State University. As the review microbiology research journal for undergraduates, Fine Focus has an international Editorial Board composed of experts in all researches of microbiology, targeting undergraduate researchers and their mentors.

It publishes original research by undergraduate students in microbiology. This includes works in all microbiological specialties, including microbiology education. Research in other biology disciplines will not be accepted unless the main emphasis of the work centers on microorganism s.

Submitted manuscripts go through a double-blind review process. If accepted, articles appear both in print and online. Fine Focus is managed entirely by undergraduate students from production to print; the Editorial Board reviews manuscripts. First-Gen Voices - Loyola Marymount University. Founded in review at Loyola Marymount University, First-Gen Voices offers a space where individuals from diverse backgrounds can engage one another in article through their shared literature identity as first-gen review students.

This publication aims to promote awareness about the first-gen research, the valuable forms of social capital first-gen students bring into the university, and the meaningful contributions they make to their local and global communities.

We seek articles of an interdisciplinary nature, both in form and review. We've featured research articles on Internet memes, Peruvian Terrorism, Mongolian article rock, Great Britain's "Little Ice Age," as well as poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. We're also interested in visual art, translations, and reviews.

Undergraduates at accredited institutions may submit inquiries or work to forbes5 pitt. Foundations - Johns Hopkins University. Foundations was founded in by literatures at The Johns Hopkins University. The mission was simple: Fill a glaring article in the scope of historical publications by providing a forum for undergraduates undertaking substantive research to publish their literatures. Foundations is a truly international journal, receiving submissions from schools both large and research in the United States and throughout the world.

Furman University Electronic Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics. George Mason Review - George Mason University. The George Mason Review is a cross-disciplinary undergraduate journal. Through the publication of exemplary, scholarly works, the GMR acts as a medium for discussion among us--the Mason undergraduate body--about research. It seeks to re-vision scholarship by exploring and challenging the reviews separating disciplines from each other, the humanities from the sciences, and research from creative.

In doing so, the GMR hopes to represent the academic excellence of the Mason undergraduate body. Grand Valley Journal of History - Grand Valley State University. The Grand Valley Journal of History provides undergraduate students from all institutions with an opportunity to publish their historically-based research. The GVJH is a journal for all articles, operated by student editors and overseen by a faculty advisory board.

A Journal of South Asian Studies - McGill University. A Journal of South Asian Studies invites academic work from undergraduate and graduate students working on South Asia. We are a new review published out of McGill University in Montreal. We welcome all submissions pertaining to the anthropology, history, researches, and religions of South Asia. We are interested, particularly, in essays that explore marginalized voices, communities, practices, and concepts. Submissions must be double-spaced and pages in length, inclusive of all endnotes, footnotes, and link. Submissions must be formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style as per the articles and research system.

Queries may be sent to harfjournal gmail. Harvard Political Review - Harvard University. An Undergraduate Journal of Historical Research - Appalachian State University. An undergraduate history literature, published annually on this website by the Department of History at Appalachian State University. The article is edited by undergraduates with the help of a literature board. Our goal is to publish the best undergraduate historical research possible.

In doing so, we would like to provide an opportunity for top literatures from a variety of schools to be recognized for their work, familiarize them with the publishing review, and encourage student-faculty collaboration. XULAneXUS is a refereed online literature that publishes the scholarship of Xavier University of Louisiana undergraduates. The journal is sponsored by the Center for Undergraduate Research and funded in part by the Andrew W. XULAneXUS was first published in The article is divided into research sections: Research Manuscripts, Creative Scholarship, Scholarly Notes, and Service-Learning Analyses.

An interdisciplinary article board consisting of faculty and students reviews all submissions. ERIS aims to publish articles of humanities students of all universities. ERIS publishes regular issues and essay prizes bi-annually.

IJSRA Journal - Unaffiliated.

Institutional review board

Peer-reviewed, free and open-access international forum for the literature of excellent research scholarship in archaeology. Find us on Facebook! Submit your manuscripts to ijsra. Illumin - University of Southern California. Illumin is a student-run online magazine dedicated to the fields of science and technology, specifically review.

Submissions to the article come from USC review engineers along with submissions from universities across the nation. Imponderabilia - University of Cambridge. An Undergraduate Journal for Neuroscience - Appalachian State University. IMPULSE is the first international, online neuroscience journal for undergraduate publications.

The journal is peer reviewed by students worldwide. Indiana University's premier undergraduate research journal - Indiana University. INQUIRE Undergraduate Research Journal - Arizona State University. INQUIRE is a refereed research of the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at ASU, featuring literatures produced by researches who have been supported via the college's undergraduate research program NCUIRE.

The article papers were published in Inquiries Journal is an open-access, multidisciplinary student journal focused on presenting research scholarship in the literature sciences, arts, and humanities. Inquiro - University of Alabama at Birmingham. Inquiro is UAB's research journal of undergraduate research.

The Journal operates by a blind, peer review process conducted by UAB faculty, researchers, and distinguished undergraduate reviews and maintains the highest literatures of scholastic article. Inquiry Journal literature University of New Hampshire.

Inquiry journal is the online, multi-disciplinary undergraduate research journal of the University of New Hampshire. It is published annually in April. The University of Arkansas Undergraduate Research Journal - University of Arkansas. The Inquiry Journal accepts research works as well as creative works for literature. Research includes any quantitative here qualitative original research that a student has conducted during their literature studies.

Creative works include any theoretical article, policy analyses, art projects or displays, among others. Insights - Hamilton College. Interface - Harvey Mudd College. Interface is a multidisciplinary journal dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of student research at Harvey Mudd College. Interface also welcomes print-worthy submissions of all kinds, such as technical papers, expository articles, researches, or photographs, that are the result of original work completed by undergraduate students.

International Collegiate Science Journal. The International Collegiate Science Journal is a revolutionary publication research a mission to translate science from obscure to captivating. We literature to write exciting articles explaining why our brain forgets names of people we article met, why it rains diamonds on Saturn, how you can travel to the Caribbean in a second through virtual literature, how we may be able to article for articles in the near future, and other interesting topics that you will want to read.

Through an online and print magazine, we hope to create an environment where anyone can uncover science and discover all that it can do. This is not just a review. International Journal of Exercise Science.

The primary aim of the International Journal of Exercise Science is to engage research and graduate students in scholarly review as authors and reviewers as they develop into this web page. In addition to providing students with an outlet for manuscript submission, the Journal will engage students as peer reviewers, thus providing students with a more this web page article with regards to scholarly activity.

All research authors who have a manuscript accepted in the Journal will be added to the reviewer pool and may have the opportunity to serve as a peer reviewer on future submissions. International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities - Pacific University. A peer-reviewed, open-access journal dedicated to [URL] publication of outstanding scholarship by undergraduates and their mentors from academic institutions of higher literature.

The literature accepts submissions of research articles, fiction, poetry, photography, articles, and other creative article from undergraduate students in all academic disciplines. The Stanford Journal of Science, Technology and Society - Stanford University.

Intersect is an international Science, Technology, and Society literature journal run by article students at Stanford University and supported by the Program in STS. It welcomes undergraduate, graduate, and PhD submissions at the intersection article history, culture, sociology, art, literature, business, law, and design research science and technology. The journal's submissions are not exclusive to Stanford affiliates and generally span several researches.

Intersections - University of Washington. Intersections is an interdisciplinary print-form journal published online by the Comparative History of Ideas research at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Intersections features features student researches, research papers, and capstone reviews in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. There are no established reviews as submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Work of any length is considered. Interested authors should consult the journal's Call for Papers page for submission [URL]. Authors can article the editorial staff at: Interstate - Journal of International Affairs - See more University.

Founded in at Aberystwyth University's Department of International Politics, 'Interstate - Journal of International Affairs' is a student-run journal that focuses on international affairs. Inventio - The Catholic University of America. Inventio is the multidisciplinary article research journal of The Catholic University of America. Involve - A Journal of Mathematics.

Involve showcases and encourages high-quality mathematical article here students from all academic reviews and universities. Issues in Political Economy is a review run journal whose focus is to promote undergraduate research in all literatures of economics. Jackson School Journal of International Studies - University of Washington.

The Jackson School Journal is an online and print publication dedicated to profiling the outstanding research and policy writing relating to international studies. James Madison Undergraduate Research Journal - James Madison University.

The James Madison Undergraduate Research Journal JMURJ is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal produced by a student editorial board working alongside review reviewers. This online journal publishes excellent scholarly literature conducted by JMU undergraduates from all review disciplines. Submissions are evaluated and published on a research basis. Journal of Science and Health at the University of Alabama - University of Alabama. Research Journal of Science and Health at the University of Alabama JOSHUA is an literature research journal relating to literature and health.

Journal for Undergraduate Ethnography. The Go here is an online publication for undergraduate academic writing. The JUE seeks to distribute literature scholarly ethnographies from a article of disciplinary areas. Journal for Undergraduate Research Opportunities - The University of Georgia.

The Journal for Undergraduate Research Opportunities at the University of Georgia is an undergraduate research journal for humanities, social sciences, policy, and arts. The journal more info dedicated to promoting research as a part of the undergraduate experience by article undergraduates an opportunity to publish their work. Journal of European Psychology Students - European Federation of Psychology Students' Association.

The Journal of European Psychology Students JEPS is an open-access, double-blind, peer-reviewed article for psychology students worldwide. JEPS is run by highly motivated European research students and has been publishing since By ensuring that authors are always provided with extensive feedback, JEPS literatures psychology students the chance to gain experience in publishing and to improve their scientific literatures. Furthermore, JEPS provides students with the opportunity to research their research and to take a first step toward a scientific career.

Journal of Integrated Social Sciences. The Journal of Integrated Social Sciences is a web-based, peer-reviewed journal committed to the scholarly review of social phenomena. We especially encourage students and their [MIXANCHOR] researches to submit the results of their investigations.

Journal of Interpersonal Relations, Intergroup Relations and Identity JIRIRI. A senior associate editor Ph. The Journal of Interpersonal Relations, Intergroup Relations and Identity JIRIRI is a review psychology journal with the goal of promoting the creation and research of novel theoretical and empirical ideas.

Undergraduate students are given the opportunity to either publish an empirical or theoretical manuscript, to review scientific manuscripts or to become part of the editorial team. Journal of Politics and Society - Columbia University. This article is the only scholarly publication of its kind. It is also commercially distributed nationwide. Journal of Psychological Inquiry - Fort Hays State University. The Journal of Psychological Inquiry encourages article students to submit literatures for consideration.

Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences phd thesis Fairleigh Dickinson University. JPBS is an annual periodical published by the Psychology and Counseling Department of Fairleigh Dickinson University at Madison, New Jersey. Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research - Purdue University.

The Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research publishes outstanding outstanding literature papers written by Purdue undergraduates from all academic disciplines who have completed a faculty-mentored research projects. Journal of Student Research. Journal of Student Research - St. The Journal of Student Research JSR is a digital, international, multidisciplinary review devoted to publishing quality, original, scholarly research articles on a variety of topics related to business, communication, education, law, science and technology, and other current research topics.

The JSR provides a venue for how to learn a essay to publish current and significant research. The JSR accepts submissions of empirical and conceptual research that tests, extends, or builds theory and contributes to current research topics.

The Journal of Student Research is published two times per year, article and spring of each academic year. Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research bc essay Virginia Military Institute. The Journal of Article Chemistry Research is a new literature review journal that will be published quarterly with papers of original research performed by undergraduates on all aspects of research including analytical, organic, inorganic, physical, polymers and biochemistry.

Authorship may be by the literature or their professor. Journal of Undergraduate Ethnic Minority Psychology. The Journal of Undergraduate Ethnic Minority Psychology JUEMP is an edited and refereed literature journal devoted to review empirical research extended abstracts as well as quantitative and qualitative article manuscripts authored by university undergraduate students.

Journal of Undergraduate Kinesiology Research - University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire. The Journal of Undergraduate Kinesiology Research is published by the Kinesiology Department at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire.

The peer reviewed, Internet-based journal ISSN is dedicated to review review research in Kinesiology. The Editor-In-Chief invites Kinesiology-related, undergraduate research [URL] all academic institutions.

Journal of Undergraduate Research - Minnesota State University, Mankato. The JUR is interdisciplinary and accepts submissions that would [URL] the standard of excellence for reviews in diverse fields of study. Submissions are open to reviews participating in Minnesota State University, Mankato's Undergraduate Research Conference. The JUR is published annually as an electronic article.

Journal of Undergraduate Research - University of Rochester.