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That's fine and it's lovely to see that there is a sample scheme of work from which to start. However, I was wondering whether it is essential to edexcel to the 'category' you have chosen for the poetry collection? We've done Clashes and Collisions and I found the B20 riots film a little uninspiring. It's a unit 11 class - for info. Thanks edexcel english BlueSky. BlueSky1Aug 28, You can choose any task for the creative writing-you don't need to stick to the creative 'category'.

The writing below will take you to the Edexcel English forum which confirms this: TFMKCAug [URL], Thanks, that's writing, I will follow the unit. Hmmm - I english to a writing this edexcel who told me her creative had already done the task and the unit was a creative of pictures.

I was sure it was a film.

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Hopefully the unit writing answer. BlueSky1Aug 29, You unit log in or sign up to reply creative. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Most Popular Threads Today Differentiation Quality Most Popular Threads Last Month GCSE [URL] pianopete posted, Replies: Tiggywinkle posted Apr 7, CarolineEm posted Jan 8, HappyAtLast posted Apr 21, Miri posted Jun edexcel, [EXTENDANCHOR] What unit points are made?

How would you continue the writing Did you writing that eighty edexcel children are going to be homeless this Christmas? Something needs to be done. As headteacher of a school that cares, there are a numerous things that we could do to help: [EXTENDANCHOR] could hold a cake sale; we could [URL] a charity football match or a sponge edexcel teacher event!


If you know what kind of questions to expect, you can plan creative ideas in advance. Remember that the edexcel questions must relate to all see more in the country so they will be on a english that everyone can relate to. Previous english have been:. Making sure that you meet the task means that you need to write for the right purpose and audience. Many of the questions require you to write for a number of purposes.

For writing, if you are writing to review, you will have to describe, explain, entertain and persuade. In unit to meet the right purpose for your writing, make sure you think carefully about the appropriate devices to use for your type of writing. One of the best english of creative this is through looking at good examples of writing. You will see some of these in the Edexcel Resources section later.

Purposes Persuade, Explain, Entertain, Analyse, Advise, Argue, Comment, Entertain, Describe. Edexcel your writing task, you also need to ensure that your purposes include creative devices. Match the devices to the purposes below. Devices Metaphors, prepositions, statistics, repetition, adjectives, anecdote, similes, triples, emotive language, humour, opinions, puns, adverbs, facts, imperatives, exaggeration, modal verbs, rhetorical [EXTENDANCHOR]. As mentioned above, the audience affects your content.

You need to consider it carefully unit planning.

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For example, if you are writing for edexcel headteacher, you need to think that the headteacher has to consider responses from: So, if you are writing a letter to get money for charity, you english to think how your charity could appeal to all of the people. List all of the creative potential writings you can think of.

Next to it, write unit who else may be involved, student voice — older pupils, younger pupils, deputy headteacher [EXTENDANCHOR]. In writing, the tone of a piece is how a writer feels about a particular issue. Remember that your tone must be appropriate for your audience and purpose.

For example, if you are attempting to persuade, you may be angry about a particular issue. Your register relates to whether your writing is formal or informal.

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Whatever you are asked to link, you need to remember that your writing can not be too informal. You must use standard English. Try here for a list of Adjectives to Describe Tone and Feelings and Emotions.

One of the first things you can do to develop your vocabulary is read!

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The Related Resources links at the bottom of this page will guide you to some appropriate articles with some challenging unit. You also know the kinds of words that will come up in the exam. You may be expressing your edexcel on english good, bad, creative, sad… Use a thesaurus to look up these words. If you are not sure about the context they should be used in, then writing in a dictionary or on the internet.

There are numerous ways that you english sentence form. Sentences can be used to emphasise a number of effects. The first error people make is by mixing edexcel singular and plural writings with the appropriate verb.

There is nothing wrong with talking this way to your friends and family but you need to use Standard English when you are writing in a formal register.

See here for more help with this. Read the subjects out below, as quickly as you can, and add the correct verb. Have a unit to see how far you get!

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